Coastal Behavior Health Services,INC.

P.O. Box 58424

Fayetteville, NC 28305

(910) 484 -8869

Coastal Behavior Health Services, Inc. programs are person centered with helping adult/children live warmly and securely in the least restrictive environment; helping them find pleasure in developing new skills, and at the same time helping them feel positive and confident about themselves.


Coastal's objective is to provide a consistently safe, well supervised, wholesome, and pleasant environment for the adults/children whom we serve.



Development-life skills assessment inventory, individual and group sessions to develop, to enhance life skills, exploration of community services.

Approval Licenses

The homes are surveyed and licensed by NC Division of Social Services Regulatory and Licensing. They are also surveyed by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Raleigh, North Carolina -

Service Provided:

1. Family Foster Care (level I)

2. Therapeutic Foster Care (level II)

3. Group Homes

4. Diagnostic Assessment

5. Day Programs

6. Schizophrenia Population

7. Recreational, Leisure and Other Social Activities

8. Supervised Independent living skills(cooking, ironing, laundry, money management, etc.)

9. Substance Abuse Treatment

10. Residential Treatment Program

11. Sex Offender Counseling/Therapy

12. Respite Services for Foster Care


  • Psychologist will provide Psychological services if necessary
  • Psychiatric Medical Doctor will provide Psychiatric Services.



Reimbursements can come from various identified resources. The source(s) for reimbursement will include but are not limited to Department of Social Services, Medicaid, and Area Mental Health Funding for the population we serve. Also, supplemental social security income, the social security income, the social security system, commercial insurance, and private pay.